FIT also known as the Fashion Institute of Technology, a collage in New York City. This summer I went to FIT for their pre Collage program. Now this program is like no other art program I have been to. For one thing the teachers are much harder on you and they really really want to try and push you art work to the next level. Plus they give you a lot of freedom then to experiment and try new things. Also if your like me and you really really want to know how good you are, you get graded on your work. The classes there are really amazing and if you push yourself you would defiantly grow as an artist.

There are many many diffrent classes for the FIT pre collage program over the summer, like there is fashion, fin arts, photography, graphic design,  textile, etc. Plus heads up the classes are pretty cheap compared to most art classes in New York City.

If you want some more information on the classes click here

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