The magic Sharpie

So school has already started for most people and when there is school there are projects that have to be done, and some of them require your artist abilities. Though there is no need to fear because there is a very simple trick you could to to fool your teacher making them think that you really took your time and effort to work on your project. Thus getting your a 100% on that project.

So here is what you do, just do a water color picture. Its quick its simple and you don’t have to worry about all that detail. When your working water color only focus on the colors.

If you really want the picture to stand out even more use a sharpie to do a hatch line shading to your piece. This sharpie trick really makes a big difference because water color is a very light sort of paint and the sharpie is very dark and would definitely create some depth to your picture.

I always do this trick on my school projects because its quick its easy and I always get a 100%.

P.S. you could also do this sharpie trick with colored pencils, crayons, gouache, basically anything that has that Easter color feeling to it.