Spring Street Studio

Today was my second time going to Spring Street Studio in Manhattan. This studio is one of the best places to do figure drawing. There are different classes everyday, each class is like three hours long, plus there is always a teacher to help you with your work and it only costs 15 dollars per class. Now that is a very good price compared to some places in New York. I like it here because it’s a nice quiet place to draw, the people there are very nice, good studio space, but the best part of all is that there is a teacher to help you. The teacher would mostly look over what you have done and then give you a couple of tips but they are not by your side for the entire class. The classes are more independent and quiet so that you could really focus. (just warning you, if you do go make sure you shut off your phone because both the times I went I forgot and when it rang everyone stared at me.) Now these classes at the studio have live nude models. I particularly love to draw nude models, it’s like you get a good sense at what a person really looks like. Plus they always change up the model so you don’t get bored. This place is really good and I do really enjoy it here, so hopefully if you are as serious as I am about art you will try it out.

for more information about Spring Street studio click here- http://www.springstudiosoho.com/