Painting With Light

Hey have you guys every heard about painting with light? You haven’t? Well I have in my NYU art class on Saturdays. It’s this really cool way of taking photos using long exposure.


1)Put your digital camera on long exposure

2)Make shore your camera is in a steady place so it wont move, so don’t hold the camra in your hands!!!!

3)Grab a really bright flashlight and think about the drawing  you want to create using the light. Remember everything you make is backwords to the camra

4) Hold down the long exposure (a.k.a. the camera) button and start using the light to draw

5)Lift your finger from the button and look at the picture you just created.

If you don’t get a good picture the fist time then try again. Painting with light is really hard to master and create a good picture. The thing that I like the most about long exposure and painting with light is that you could do so much with it and experiment.

These are some of my favorite painting with light pictures

by Janne Parviainen’s Flickr


Now these next painting with light pictures are the ones my art class created. Though the first one is me trying to spell out my name with the light. I hope you like and PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Painting With Light

  1. i love painting with light too! i’ve not played with it for a long time so am grateful for your reminder of this beautiful technique. can’t wait to see some of your pix!

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