Trying to get the Inspiration

Happy New Year to all and to all a new year to start fresh and think differently then the year before. A new year to me means new ideas and ways you can express your self and finding that inspiration. For an artist, like myself, inspiration can be easy right off the dot sometimes, though it can always be a pain in the petootie. Sometimes your lucky and that one moment just comes to you. You feel adrenalin running through your your vains, trying to find that finishing piece. Though most of the time it doesnt come to you. That sucks, your piece sucks, and you feel like crap in the ending. This is how I’v been feeling for the past days.

Nothing is inspiring me, nothing is motevating me, and I just cant find that moment. Though some say if you try to hard you end up going mad and then jumping off a bridge, though some how surviving, but you get your butt out of the water and finish your piece. That’s when something amazing happens and a switch goes off in your head. You can see, you can finialy see the light at the other end, and its bright its so bright, that you just end up exploding from all of the joy. Then its complete, and your face has a big huge grin that you can’t wipe away. (If you hadn’t fond out this is just a metaphor, please don’t jump off a bridge!) This doesn’t always happen but it could so don’t give up!

If your still trying to find the inspiration and you face is blanker then a piece of wood then step twenty yards away from your work. Now try to sound British and if your already British try talking like Donled Duck from Micky Mouse. This is an excersize that will help you to stop thinking and just be silly. Get all the mad mad stress off you, goof around, jump up and down, slap yourself, make up weird words, run into a wall, dance in your underpants, pretend your drunk, (please don’t get drunk), act like a crazy maniac.

This still isn’t helping then what really helps is doing something you would probably never do. (Please do not drink, smoke, do drugs, get a weird piercing, get a tattoo, or do something that could hurt you or a loved one in the end.) You could do so much and all you have to do is really think. Talk to your crush,be in a club, run a marathon, cut your hair, dye your hair, help out in the community, visit someone you are longing to see, cook, eat a bug, try doing a split, tell the person you hate why you hate them, etc. Get the heck on out of your comfort zone because if you stay there you will never grow.

I really hope that this helps you get some inspiration because its very hard to find. Some times when I feel like I’m about to give up, I reflect on myself and how I see myself and how others see me. I think about why I’m doing what I’m doing right now. The pros and cons of everything that made me who I am and why I love making art. I think about how it all started.

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