Rick Siggins

I am flipping out right now. Want to know why? Well yesterday I met a real, living, young, artist, trying to make it big. This person is Rick Siggins!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I just heard about Rick because my NYU art teachers told me that Rick was going to give a lecture about his art work. I was like omg this is so cool I never really met or seen a real young NYC city artist whom’s work is actually hung up in galleries.

Ricks work takes an extremely long time and patience. I don’t think that even I could handle it. He creates these big pictures out of multiple canvases. That he has indeed hand made himself and there are hundreds of these canvases in one piece. The thing that I really love about Rick’s work is that he has these amazing designs and patters I just love it and think that he is one of those art lunatics that take an incredibly long time on one piece, BUT it comes out to be exquisite.

If you want to check out more about Rick and maybe see some of his work in person then you could probably contact him and ask him yourself just click here –http://02cdf17.netsolhost.com/index.html



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  1. I bet Rick enjoyed meeting with you and your emerging artist friends! I love to see your posts! Thanks for this blog.

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