Old Brushes Back to New

A while ago my portfolio instructor gave me some art supplies  like brushes, a new drawing material, and this really asome brush cleaner. Now this just an’t any ordinary brush cleaner. Its not like like distilled turpentine, that smells really bad and is kind of bad for your health. No! This brush cleaner is really really good and I’m not just telling you this because the company paid me to. I’m telling you because it is super good and will save you a so much on brushes. All you have to do is open it up twirl your brush in it, so that all the lemeny smelling mixture is on your brush. Then you just rinse off your brush with water and BAM good as new. Your bush is now so new that you could rub it on your check and you think that you just bought it from the store. I would recomend this to EVERY artist because it seriously is that good. This product works with wet oil paint, dry oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, and stains. Just think about the amount of money you will save just using this. Trust me!!!

INFO. on the product

  • It’s and original B.J
  • #101
  • and it costs about 6 or 7 dollars

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