Why Nude?

When I was little walking through the Metropolitan holding hands with my partner and going into the Greek and Roman wing. That’s when I saw it, him, her , them. My very first statues of nude people. Back then I was freaked out and horrified that they were nude. I wanted to shield my eyes at each and every one of them. When the teacher told me to draw something I was like “Ok the face it is”.

That was then. Now I love nude people, they are one of the most interesting things for me to draw. I love the skin and how it goes over the bones and muscuels. Though I always found it interesting why there are so many pictures of nude women that there are far less the nude men. Why is this? Is it because women have beautiful curves that make a picture flow and interesting? Or is it because the most artist are men and would rather look at a nude women for hours, then a man?

Sometimes in women I find that being nude can bring out the true person. It like taking off all your cloths in front of some one is like taking one brick off from the wall you have been hiding from. The more you do it, the more comfterble you would feel in your own skin. (Now this is just a theare of mine, please don’t go taking off all your cloths in public)


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