Meghan Boody

Hey have you guys ever hear of Meghan Boody, I bet that 95% of you haven’t. Well she is a very famous artist who does most of her work on photo shop. So she travels the world taking pictures and then using little bits and pieces from each photo to create an amazing stories. The thing that is really cool is that I got to go into her house. Well its not technically a house more like a really big loft, but whatever I got to go in it and meet her IN PERSON. Meghan Boody is so nice and interesting to be around. It’s like being around the Dalai Lama because she is so wise and looks at life in such a different way that it’s hard for me to explain. She gets most of her inspiration from reading old classic books like Jane Eyre, you know the ones that your teachers tell you to read but you really don’t. Meghan is the kind of artist that I would look up to because  she is so passionate about what she does it’s really marveling to be around someone like that. But hey check it out for yourselves.

Meghan Boody 1

This is what her house really looks like but the photo is not taken by me because I don’t feel like putting someone’s home on the internet with out permission.

Meghan Boody 2

Meghan Boody 3

Meghan Boody 4

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