Tim McHenry

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This week I met Tim McHenry the programmer of the Rubin museum. In my opinion he is one of the best programmers of today. He created sleep overs at the Rubin, interesting talks between two diffident people, acrobats on a spiral stair case with no net, ice Buddha, telephone on the high line, and many more events. Tim is one of the most exciting people to talk to. He is the kind of person who is not afraid to hide his emotions or thoughts. If he thinks that something is boring or uninteresting then he would share his opinion. He is so unique and his ideas are so bizarre He says don’t do the same thing other people do because that is boring and totally imaginable. Create something that no one has ever thought of because that is interesting.

To crest an amazing program to go to you have to think about why would you care? Why would you care to go to that program? How is it not like something I already been to? What makes it diffident from others? This is what you have to think about when you want the public to come. If you do the same thing as very one ells who would show up? If you want interesting and exciting people to come then this event has to be e extraordinary it has to be a 180 from every one ells.

Now this is harder then you would ever think possible in these modern days. Every thing is practically handed to us and we have no clue how things are created just that they are created for a purpose. I believe if people learn how something is constructed then they would learn how to be unique. Being unique doesn’t come from the sky but from what is normal. You take the normal and twist it into all shapes and forms until you have something you could say is unique.

Time MchHenry – “to create something unique you have to take to opposites and rub them together, it just depends on how you rub them.”

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