Last fall I was in this program called TRaC ( teen reviewing and critics) for high school students. I this program teen have the chance to go all over the city and see are shows like film, dance, photography, theater and more for free. I was in the new TRaC, the Media TRaC, where the idea was to understand how the public sees art and how they know about it. One thing that my teacher was really into was this thing called Zeega. Now at first I didn’t know what a Zeega was and still don’t know exactly how to explain it. So here I go, a Zeega is a series of over laying gifts with music and text that try to portray a message. Click here for the Zeega I created with my TRaC team. The second one and then the Mandel Zeega that is just so so good!!! (It’s my favorite)

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