My College Process

This year I just went through the college process. I have never felt so stressed, sad, or pressured in my life. Now the college process is different for everyone, but this is my story.

My mom and I always knew that since I was in fifth grade my career was going to be in art. This is why my very first college tour was my freshman year in High School at Ringling College of Art + Design in Florida. The college was amazing, the studios were beautiful, the rooms were very pretty, the cafeteria looked like it served good food and the school was just a few minutes away from the beach. The perfect college in my eyes back then to a  girl who just turned fifteen. But then I heard about the tuition and I was calculating in my head room, board, books, art supplies, transportation etc. It occurred to me that if I wanted to go to a college like Ringling then I would have to work extra hard in school.

Before senior year my mom and I continued to do college tours all over the country, planning very carefully what would be the cheapest and most convenient time of the year. In four years I was able to take tours at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Rhode Island School of Design, Alfred University, Savannah College of Art + Design, Maryland Institute College of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, SUNY Purchase, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Columbia College Chicago, Massachusetts College of Art + Design, Hampshire College etc. Before College I was also able to do the Pre-College program at Academy Art University before Junior year and the Pre-College program at Rhode Island School of Design. These experiences really helped with my final decision.

During the college process I was getting help prom Options For College, a college counseling service that specializes in helping student get into and get the most out of college. I could not have gotten into 13 out of 13 colleges without their help, plus the scholarship money I received from many of my schools.

The toughest part of the college process for me was choosing which college I should go to, where would I be most successful? In the end I choose Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA). I knew going into college that I wanted to be a painting major. I tried web design, graphic design, photography, printmaking, film, sound, set construction, fashion, illustration etc. But  I always came back to painting. PAFA was not big and fancy with their technology, but kept to their fine art roots. The school is very small and with the Undergrad and Graduate students combined there is only a student population of 300. Because of this I knew that the teachers would give me that one on one attention I crave. PAFA is also very close to my family, its in a city so I won’t get bored, there are other colleges in the neighborhood, food is amazing in Philly, everyone there is very nice, housing seems cool and very independent, I can take classes at University of Pennsylvania and I heard that PAFA really helps students with a plan to pay off their loans.

Quick Tips
– Start the college process EARLY even if you feel it might scare your kid, because it will give them a goal to focus on and start thinking about the future.
– Take your tours now, it will help you get the vibe of each campus. Plus the tour process should not be rushed, it would just put more pressure on your kid.
– Make sure your child doesn’t screw up freshman year high school because that can bring their average down by about 10 points.
– Do pre-college programs almost all colleges have them, you get to really know the school, know what college might feel like (independence), and its an amazing experience. (Many pre-college programs do offer scholarship and/or financial aid)
Options for College is an amazing service and their services are international. Plus they would be doing a talk at the Yale Club September 10th for FREE. (Just saying the food is amazing). For more
information click here



Last fall I was in this program called TRaC ( teen reviewing and critics) for high school students. I this program teen have the chance to go all over the city and see are shows like film, dance, photography, theater and more for free. I was in the new TRaC, the Media TRaC, where the idea was to understand how the public sees art and how they know about it. One thing that my teacher was really into was this thing called Zeega. Now at first I didn’t know what a Zeega was and still don’t know exactly how to explain it. So here I go, a Zeega is a series of over laying gifts with music and text that try to portray a message. Click here for the Zeega I created with my TRaC team. The second one and then the Mandel Zeega that is just so so good!!! (It’s my favorite)

Google Sketchup

Heyy have you guys heard about this new technology that google has created. Its where you can make your own sculptures, pictures, and many more this differently. The best part about this program is that its free and easy to use. Did I mention its FREE. Now thats a big deal for me because I’m very much a beggar at doing art my art on the computer. This program might not have all the advanced tools most professionals use today, but I feel its pretty dang close. This program is really good for beggars like me, so before you buy a very expensive program try this one out first just to see if you like to work on the computer. 

Warning google sketchup is mostly use for architect purposes not photo editing.

Click here to take a closer look-

NYU Saturday Art Class

So I have finished my Saturday art classes at NYU and here  are the results. I know that they all seem the same but hey that’s my style and I am very prod of it.

I would deffinitly recommend NYU art classes to any young artist who really don’t have the money and materials for art classes, because at NYU these classes were free. The student are chosen by how you answer some basic art classes so that’s really good.  Plus these classes were so much fun that I really didn’t mind waking up early (for a teenager that is) on a Saturday morning.  The teachers, now what should I say about the teachers, they are the most fun art teachers I have ever had. They are constantly talking and are so easie to talk to plus they really want to push your art skills. I have learned so much just by going these classes that I want to share them with you

And even if you aren’t a fine artist, you don’t need money to buy classes because in NYC or probably in any place, there are free classes that you could take and learn new skill. All you have to do is find them.

This is the link for free classes at NYU –

Here are the paintings I did at NYU

If you have any questions please COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!

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This is my Final Piece

Splatter It

Last weekend was my art exhibition for my NYU class. I was in the class about time, and how it can be expressed through art. So I had so do a final piece that did just that. I thought about all kinds of things, but my heart settled on making a sculpture out of paper and then having people use spray bottles (not the real spray bottles most people us for graffiti, but the kind for plants.), and spray it with all different colors. So that over time you could see how the painting changes.

My piece is called Floccinaucinihilipilification and yes it is a real word. It means – The action of habit of judging something to be worthless.

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School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Last week I went to Chicago with my family, just so that could check out some collages I might want to go to, one of those colleges is School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This college I think is incredible and I would love to go there for college when I get out of high school, first. This college is also practically part of the Art Institute of Chicago museum. So the students there get free access to the museum and most of the educational classes are held there.

For me, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, has a very good fine arts program that I really enjoyed looking at, they have painting, drawing, ceramics, metal creativity, glass blowing, and a wood working room in very art building. They also have a very good fashion program, because of all the sponsors they get. Plus that fashion building that I saw was one of the most advanced fashion settings I personally have seen. That is definitely saying something considering that was my 4th collage tour. There art more things that you could major in because the fine arts, and fashion programs are the only ones I got to see.

The great thing that I love about this college is that you could go in knowing nothing or you could go in knowing everything, because there will always be a certain class you could be in. Plus you don’t have to stay in the class your majoring in. You could take other classes and really explore your creativity as an artist and learn new skills.

Chicago is an amazing city to be in not to big like New York and not to little like Baltimore, but just right for someone living in New York that wants to leave New York but not wanting to leave the city.

If you want to know more about  School of the Art Institute of Chicago click here

Spring Street Studio

Today was my second time going to Spring Street Studio in Manhattan. This studio is one of the best places to do figure drawing. There are different classes everyday, each class is like three hours long, plus there is always a teacher to help you with your work and it only costs 15 dollars per class. Now that is a very good price compared to some places in New York. I like it here because it’s a nice quiet place to draw, the people there are very nice, good studio space, but the best part of all is that there is a teacher to help you. The teacher would mostly look over what you have done and then give you a couple of tips but they are not by your side for the entire class. The classes are more independent and quiet so that you could really focus. (just warning you, if you do go make sure you shut off your phone because both the times I went I forgot and when it rang everyone stared at me.) Now these classes at the studio have live nude models. I particularly love to draw nude models, it’s like you get a good sense at what a person really looks like. Plus they always change up the model so you don’t get bored. This place is really good and I do really enjoy it here, so hopefully if you are as serious as I am about art you will try it out.

for more information about Spring Street studio click here-