A sweet view in San Fran

This summer I am in San Francisco studying art and expanding my mind in art. Everything here is so beautiful it’s going to be hard for me to leave this place after the summer. Now I just want to share with you one of the most beautiful views I have seen here. It was during the first morning I decided to run with my friends Maddie and Marina a lone the San Francisco’s marina. It was such a georgous day I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wish that every day could be just as beautiful as it was then. The sun was up the birds where singing, everyone who is an early riser was out, and you could see the San Francisco waves move swiftly up and down the shore. This was the day that I realized that I’m not in New York right now and that everyday is going to be a new adventure. Sweet Jesus Lord do I love San Francisco.

“I feel like this view is mother nature and humans working together to create a piece of art like this.”

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Spray a Painting

Now some of you have probably known this already but to me it is totally new.A few days ago when I was in San Francisco I saw and incredible thing. So heres how my stoy goes. I was walking along Market street in San Francisco, when I see this big huge crowd of people. I walked over woundering what they were looking at. That was when my eyes popped right out of there sockets. There was this man spray painting this amazing picture. He used all these textures and colors. He made a master piece with in minutes before my very eyes. The spray paintings were so amazng I just had to get one and its on my dorm room wall in San Fancisco as I speek.

click here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXRNEyrkosM&feature=related

This is my picture nothing like the the video. and I’m sorry for the glare.


Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise

Right now I’m in Chicago with my family and in Chicago there is the most amazing architecture. Today we went on this water cruise called the “Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise.”  It was really cool and I saw so many amazing buildings. I think that I’m going to do some oil painting when I get back home of the buildings. I’m really sorry if the pictures are dark, I blame the sun.














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