The Queen of Collages

Le Noble Savage – Ink & Collage – 7’6″ x 5’6″, Noble Salvage – A person who has not been corrupted by civilization.

To day I was talking about collages with my co-worker, Victoria. She said that she loved collages and how she loves making hem with her sister. I on the other hand don’t see how people can like collages. I have always saw collages as a 5 year old craft or just taking out colors from magazines and using then to fill in a picture not using the subject from the magazines at all. That in my opinion is known as a stereotypical collage.

I will bow down to the person who can create a collage that can set my mind in aww. And the person I bow down to is Wangechi Mutu. I  call her, Kara Walker: the collage version. The first Time I ever saw her work was it the fall of 2013 taking a tour at the Brooklyn museum ( I apologize for not writing about her sooner). The collages were huge, the one above is around 7.5 feet. First you notice the size, than the people, the fuzzy background, next the magazines, the thin paint lines and final the story.Just the size could scare anyone away. Wangechi Mutu has created giant monsters who’s beauty takes time and thought to see.

Sadly I can not just describe her work to do it justice with such a vague memorie. So if you want to learn more just click here.




Doug Wheeler

Something that everyone must do really soon, is see the Doug Wheeler exhibit at the David Zwirner Gallery is Chelsea. It is a once in a lifetime exhibition that would change anyone’s perception on art. I felt as if I was in another universe where spaces is endless and time stops. Its an experience that everyone should live, so go see it. Please comment if you have seen it though I would love to know your interpretation of it.

For a better explenation of Doug Wheeler and one of his earlier works click the this link –

The David Zwirner Gallery, one of my favorite galleries in New York City –

Doug Wheeler

Splendid Playground

Till May 8th at the Guggenheim Museum there is this amazing exhibition up called Gutai- Splendid Playground. The word Gutai means concreteness the total opposition to what the work in the exhibition really is. The works are made from Japanese artists around 1954–72, during this time many Japanese artist began to question art and what art really is.  You just really have to see it for yourself because this is an exhibition I just can not explain in my own words.

Gutai 1 Gutai 3 Gutai 4

I have been so inspired about this exhibition that I am right now experimenting any way I can with paint, performance, sound, video, anything.

To find out more click here -

The Best Christmas Present EVER (sorry mom)

So just last Thursday I had my last day working at the Rubin Museum until the next year, and because the holidays are coming up the Rubin was very generous and bought the teens who work for the museum tickets to see the Ann Hamilton exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory. This is so far the number one best gift I have personally every received. If someone really want to get me the best present ever then they would have a hard time beating this.

Ann Hamilton created this amazing piece of art that you could actually play with. There are these big huge gigantic swings that could fit two or three people and when you are swing you are moving this big white curtain in the middle of the room. Then on one side of the room there is a guy writing about the curtain and on the other side there are two actors reading about the curtain. Plus you could lay under the curtain and watch it move. Hamilton created the most childish dream I have ever had. I just felt like all the stress that I had during the week just floated right out of me. I can’t think of the last time I was truly at peace with myself. I had no clue what Hamilton’s message was but I didn’t really care because I was totally marveled over everything.

Though I did figure out what her message was until I read about it, but I just don’t want to tell you guys because I feel you first have to experience it before you know anything at all.

Just warning, that this is only going on until January 5th 2013, so make shore you get there.

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IMG_1824 IMG_1828


Chelsea Art Galleries

One thing that I love about New York is all the galleries there are. When I have a free day what I love to do is to go over to the Chelsea Art Galleries and see all the new art. At Chelsea all the art work is extremely modern and created by mostly young artist that are creating tomorrow. Its exquisive just being there and going in and out of all the galleries. I love how all the art would is so different and creative in there own way. Plus there FREE so you could go in and out as many as you please. The thing that I would recomend most for the people that go are to make shore you have a lot of time to spare because once you go in one gallery, you would want to go in them all, and trust me there are A LOT! The reason that I love going to these galleries is because all the would you see is creating the new tomorrow and as an artist I always have to be on top of that. You need to live modern, because as much as I worship the renaissance period, but today a good piece of art work is the creativity, passion, detail and hard work that makes a piece of art work good. So check out the Chelsea Art Galleries, and try telling me you didn’t go “wow” when you walk right in to one of the galleries.

If you want some more information on the Chelsea Art Galleries click here-

These art just a few of the many artworks in Chelsea and I mean 1 out of 1000. Go look for yourself.

Map of the Chelsea Art Galleries

Vintage Trains NY

You would not believe what just happend to me yesterday. So I was going home to Brooklyn by the F train. I got on the plat form waiting for the F train and the next thing I knew a very old train was pulling up to the plat form. I was like what the heck is going on. It turns out that this year the MTA in New York is having some fun by using vintage trains this year. It was so cool being on a vintage train, like going back in time. The seats were very low and they had this weave pattern on them. The the poles were white and long and felt like plastic. They even had old adds on the train over your head. On the out side it was amazing. I couldn’t believe that I actually road a vintage train. The train on the out side was a dark green color with little circle bumps where the hinges are.

If you want to catch a vintage train this year you better hurry because the next and last time they are running them is this Saterday on the F and M tracks in Manhatten. For more information click here –

If you want to see more real vintage trains you can try visiting the Transit Museum. click here for information-

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below are pictures of the vintage train I went on