Wood Prints for SALE!

The first semester at PAFA (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts) went by so fast. It still feels like the beginning. One class that I really enjoyed this semester is Relief (Woodcut). You can think of it as a big wooden stamp. I loved making the prints so much that I have decided to sell a few.

My process with Woodcut is simple. I use the grain of the wood as inspiration and following the pattern. I love to use all my gouges (woodcut tools) to create unique textures. Then I would test the relief with color. I would spend hours figuring out the perfect color combination. And once I have figured that out I would make multiples of the print. If you have anymore questions about my process please comment.

Want to buy please email me at art@emilyfujiemair.com

Remember these prints are handmade, so each print is unique.


NYC Public High School Cover Design Competition

This is my design for the Directory of NYC Public High Schools Cover Competition. Although I am not a finalist, I am extremely proud of my hard work and my design, and I hope to share it with as many people as possible. My idea was that NYC has many special public high schools and that students have the unique opportunity to choose the high school that is right for them. There is every single NYC Public HS on this Design. Each borough is color coded; Brooklyn – Red, Manhattan – Green, Bronx – Purple, Queens – Orange, Staten Island – Blue. I would really appreciate you sharing or liking this so that my desire to have the public see my work can happen. Thank you!

How to look find a school:
1. Find the school name on either the Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan or Staten Island picture of the HS list.
2. Find the hand written # near the name.
3. Use that # to find which part of the grid the HS is in.

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Saw To Dust

This is one of my favorite pieces I have done so fare in school. So theses days I’m a junior, that means I have two art classes. One of them is painting and the other one is mixed media. But today I’m going to talk about my mixed media project. Three weeks ago my mixed media teacher gave us an assignment where we had to create a sculpture using one thing and one thing only. Now I thought about this project very carefully because I only had three weeks. It needed to be something easy to get, something no one ells would, and won’t cost me a cent. So then I thought of dust because my house is really dusty and I could probably collect it easily, but I wouldn’t be able to make my project as big as I would want itto be. That’s when I thought of saw dust, I could just get it from the technical theater department at my school. Let me give you guys some advise, collecting saw dust is not as easy as it sounds, it’s basically a lot of back breaking work. But it was all worth it.

Creative Commons License
Saw To Dust by Emily Fujie Mair is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

P.S. If you guys really like this piece and want to see it in person my school is holding and exhibition Tuesday, October 30th 6:30 – 8:30. 1600 avenue L, Brooklyn NY 11230

What Makes a Piece of Art GOOD?!?!?!?

Everyone wants to know it. Everyone whats to me it. What makes you good and special at what you love to do. Some people think that your only good if no one ells can do what you do. That could be true for the most part but to me it really isn’t true. What makes you good at something like art, writing, music, etc. is how your views view it. I know it might seem weird at first, but what I’m trying to make you understand is that what really draws people in. Is how relatable it is to them. You want your work to be BAM, WOW and you want people to OOOOW and AAHHH over what you do. Don’t worry I get it. Though to make it really stick in there minds you want to touch them and to do that you have to make your work relatable. Making something relatable to someone ells would open them up. It’s something we go through everyday, thinking if someone really understands us. Then when you find someone that does. It just blows your mind away.

For example “the Mona Lisa” . One of the reasons its so famous is because of her eyes. They can see in to your solo and it seems like she understands you. She is having a silent conversation with you. She is relating to you.

So be relatable to others and they will understand.