Just Experience

Just the other day I was hanging out with a few of my really close friends on the High Line one night. Now I have been to the High Line but never at night. The sky was so pretty, and the air was so warm for a winters night. As the wind blew, my shirt pushed back against the front of my body and lifted the back of my shirt so all I could feel was the rush of air. I would put my arms out and lift my head to the sky. Thinking about what would happen if the wind lifted me up off the ground and into the sky. My friends looked at me like I was crazy, but I didn’t care, I was in my dream world. Who cares what other think? They would never be able to experience what I felt that night.

Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise

Right now I’m in Chicago with my family and in Chicago there is the most amazing architecture. Today we went on this water cruise called the “Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise.” ┬áIt was really cool and I saw so many amazing buildings. I think that I’m going to do some oil painting when I get back home of the buildings. I’m really sorry if the pictures are dark, I blame the sun.














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Life Painting

When I make art, I think of weird things to express my self, one of those things is poems. So I love to make up art poems that I feel people, especially artists, could relate to in some way. This is one of my poems I just came up with.

Life Painting

Life is like a painting

You can never take back the stroke of the brush

You could hide your mistakes

Try and forget about them

And move on

Have people criticize you about them

Or change them

And make something great

That every one can enjoy

Fragile Red Child

This piece of art work is my favorite that I did. It’s made out of clay and all by my own two hands. I created this piece at Pratt, a collage in Brooklyn. Now I’m not in collage yet but I do help assist the ceramics classes on Saturdays for little kids 9-13 years old. Thanks to what I do for Pratt I get to do some of my own projects as well. Now for art I mostly just go along with what I’m doing and make something great. If your artist you probably know already what I’m talking about. Like when you start to draw and sometimes you just cant stop adding more and the drawing becomes really detailed. Then all of a sudden you stop and look at what you did and you say “wow I did that”. Plus you get this amazing feeling of pride, well that’s how I felt as I made this.