The Best Christmas Present EVER (sorry mom)

So just last Thursday I had my last day working at the Rubin Museum until the next year, and because the holidays are coming up the Rubin was very generous and bought the teens who work for the museum tickets to see the Ann Hamilton exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory. This is so far the number one best gift I have personally every received. If someone really want to get me the best present ever then they would have a hard time beating this.

Ann Hamilton created this amazing piece of art that you could actually play with. There are these big huge gigantic swings that could fit two or three people and when you are swing you are moving this big white curtain in the middle of the room. Then on one side of the room there is a guy writing about the curtain and on the other side there are two actors reading about the curtain. Plus you could lay under the curtain and watch it move. Hamilton created the most childish dream I have ever had. I just felt like all the stress that I had during the week just floated right out of me. I can’t think of the last time I was truly at peace with myself. I had no clue what Hamilton’s message was but I didn’t really care because I was totally marveled over everything.

Though I did figure out what her message was until I read about it, but I just don’t want to tell you guys because I feel you first have to experience it before you know anything at all.

Just warning, that this is only going on until January 5th 2013, so make shore you get there.

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