Meghan Boody

Hey have you guys ever hear of Meghan Boody, I bet that 95% of you haven’t. Well she is a very famous artist who does most of her work on photo shop. So she travels the world taking pictures and then using little bits and pieces from each photo to create an amazing stories. The thing that is really cool is that I got to go into her house. Well its not technically a house more like a really big loft, but whatever I got to go in it and meet her IN PERSON. Meghan Boody is so nice and interesting to be around. It’s like being around the Dalai Lama because she is so wise and looks at life in such a different way that it’s hard for me to explain. She gets most of her inspiration from reading old classic books like Jane Eyre, you know the ones that your teachers tell you to read but you really don’t. Meghan is the kind of artist that I would look up to because  she is so passionate about what she does it’s really marveling to be around someone like that. But hey check it out for yourselves.

Meghan Boody 1

This is what her house really looks like but the photo is not taken by me because I don’t feel like putting someone’s home on the internet with out permission.

Meghan Boody 2

Meghan Boody 3

Meghan Boody 4

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Ross Bleckner

Well the first thing that I would like to say is that I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a long time, its just that my internet was a complete whack job until my mom finally got in fixed.

Well you guys would not even believe the famous artist I have met this time. Well truth be told you probably haven hear of him yet because he is still living and he is quite young to be selling art work that is worth thousand and thousands of dollars. His name is Ross Bleckner and he is the Guggenheim Museum in NY. If you don’ t know by now, but that is a very very big deal because most art work that is hanging in a Museum. Those artist are either very old or are dead.

The way that I met him was my connections through my NYU pre collage art classes that I’m taking. ( Just saying my is you want o see my art work from NYU in person you could by this Sunday going to this address-34 Stuyvesant St Manhattan, NY 10003 at 12 to 3 pm)  My art class went to go see Ross at his studio. His own private studio in Chelsea, with and amazing veiw of the lower side of Manhatten. This dude is living in my dream studio!!! He stole my studio that I wanted! How dare he?!?!

Ross was really awesome, like just to see in person a real artist who makes a living doing what they love. When I first saw him I was so amazed that I was about to bow down and say “I am not worthy, I am not worthy.” but I think that would have freaked him out even more then having to answer all my questions that I had. He really didn’t answer them by the way, because he was too shock at what to say.

The thing that stood out the most about what Ross said compaired to most artist is that he kept talking about how art is “Blind Faith”. That saying really stuck to me and made me think about how going into a art career is really blind. Going into anything is blind because you would never know what the out come would be.

If you want to know more about Ross Bleckner go to his web site-

Me and Ross EEEEPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

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Happy late Halloween!!!!!!!!!! Sorry that I didn’t post this earlier, its just that I have been sick for that past week and I really didn’t feel like doing anything. The reason I did this drawing was because it was a homework assignment from my art teacher. The assignment was to create a Halloween self portrait. This portrait can be anything, you could have a diffrent kind of lighting, add scary and spooky things, recreate your entire face………. etc. I thought long and hard about what spooks me out. The it hit me the dead I hate the dead. I hate the dead so much I’m terrified  of mummy’s, I wouldn’t even go to the Egyptian section at the Metropolitan Museum.   So I thought why not do a skeleton of myself. When I showed my friends and teacher, they were like “That is so creepy, it looks so much like you”.


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Brooklyn Heights Promenade

So today I really felt like painting because it was an absolute beautiful day outside, so my mom said to me “Well if you want to go paint really good land escape I think you should go to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.” and I was like ” What is that and where is it?”. She said that it was just at the edge of Brooklyn and it looks out over lower Manhattan”. Then I was like “Sweeeeeeet”. When I got there I was speechless, it was so beautiful especially with the sun looking over it. I set up my materials and began to paint. When you paint of draw something in New York everyone always loves to look over your shoulder and say “That is so amazing”. That is also one thing I love about doing my art work in public, you get a cowed of people. Even though it might seem distracting and you have to make shore that every line is perfect. You really start to take your time and really get in the good detail.

The first picture is what I was painting to day.

The other pictures are the steps I took to painting the land escape and I’m still not even close to being done

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There its finished!!!!

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Last week I went to Chicago with my family, just so that could check out some collages I might want to go to, one of those colleges is School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This college I think is incredible and I would love to go there for college when I get out of high school, first. This college is also practically part of the Art Institute of Chicago museum. So the students there get free access to the museum and most of the educational classes are held there.

For me, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, has a very good fine arts program that I really enjoyed looking at, they have painting, drawing, ceramics, metal creativity, glass blowing, and a wood working room in very art building. They also have a very good fashion program, because of all the sponsors they get. Plus that fashion building that I saw was one of the most advanced fashion settings I personally have seen. That is definitely saying something considering that was my 4th collage tour. There art more things that you could major in because the fine arts, and fashion programs are the only ones I got to see.

The great thing that I love about this college is that you could go in knowing nothing or you could go in knowing everything, because there will always be a certain class you could be in. Plus you don’t have to stay in the class your majoring in. You could take other classes and really explore your creativity as an artist and learn new skills.

Chicago is an amazing city to be in not to big like New York and not to little like Baltimore, but just right for someone living in New York that wants to leave New York but not wanting to leave the city.

If you want to know more about  School of the Art Institute of Chicago click here

Life Painting

When I make art, I think of weird things to express my self, one of those things is poems. So I love to make up art poems that I feel people, especially artists, could relate to in some way. This is one of my poems I just came up with.

Life Painting

Life is like a painting

You can never take back the stroke of the brush

You could hide your mistakes

Try and forget about them

And move on

Have people criticize you about them

Or change them

And make something great

That every one can enjoy

The magic Sharpie

So school has already started for most people and when there is school there are projects that have to be done, and some of them require your artist abilities. Though there is no need to fear because there is a very simple trick you could to to fool your teacher making them think that you really took your time and effort to work on your project. Thus getting your a 100% on that project.

So here is what you do, just do a water color picture. Its quick its simple and you don’t have to worry about all that detail. When your working water color only focus on the colors.

If you really want the picture to stand out even more use a sharpie to do a hatch line shading to your piece. This sharpie trick really makes a big difference because water color is a very light sort of paint and the sharpie is very dark and would definitely create some depth to your picture.

I always do this trick on my school projects because its quick its easy and I always get a 100%.

P.S. you could also do this sharpie trick with colored pencils, crayons, gouache, basically anything that has that Easter color feeling to it.