Gathered Leading


Tonight I watched the sunset at  Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting House. It was my second time experiencing a SkySpace created by James Turrell (My first time was at Moma PS1). A Turrell Skyspace is a specifically proportioned chamber with an aperture in the ceiling open to the sky. Skyspaces can be autonomous structures or integrated into existing architecture. My experience was much different then the first, because I didn’t know much about James Turrell, I was not in art school at the time and I did not look at it for an hour during sunset. Looking up at the SkySpace I was able to really think about the comparison of the sky to the colorful LED lights surrounding it. I noticed that Turrell at certain times changed the LED lights slow at first, fast in the middle, and then slowly at the end. Sometimes I would have my eye travel along the perimeter of the square and then widen my eyes to enhance the colors. Another thing I did  for a couple of minutes is close my eyes for ten seconds and then reopening them and think about how I could mix the color of the sky on on to my palette. The most interesting color of the sky for me was this bright green that I imagined mixing in my head cadmium yellow deep with cerulean blue and just a touch of mars black.

P.S. I highly suggest visiting at a SkySpace if you haven’t. There are dozes of them all over the world all you have to do is look for the closest one near you. Click here.



Splatter It

Last weekend was my art exhibition for my NYU class. I was in the class about time, and how it can be expressed through art. So I had so do a final piece that did just that. I thought about all kinds of things, but my heart settled on making a sculpture out of paper and then having people use spray bottles (not the real spray bottles most people us for graffiti, but the kind for plants.), and spray it with all different colors. So that over time you could see how the painting changes.

My piece is called Floccinaucinihilipilification and yes it is a real word. It means – The action of habit of judging something to be worthless.

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Leonid Afremov

Ok so today I’m going to tell you about this absolutly amazing artist Leonid Afremov, I fist discoved his art work over the summer for this art/writing thingy, and I completely fell head over heels in love with his art work. So here is my paper that I wrote about his art work:

Throughout history may artists have used tool but no one has used the pallet knife like Leonid Afremov. When you see one of his paintings once you can definitely tell what other paintings he has done because on his own unique style. In his paintings Leonid has so many vibrant colors most people would say that he has a sunset color pallet, because there is yellows and oranges. Then off in the distance there would be darker colors like purples and navy blues. When putting all of these colors together you would get a sunset feeling, where there would be blotches and blotches of sunsets. Leonid mostly does work that has rain in it, rain before, rain after and rain during, and it’s just amazing how he does it. Plus it’s just amazing how when you really look at one of his paintings you could tell when the rain is hitting the ground. It’s like and invisible glisten of rain on the ground because he really doesn’t use blue on the ground to indicate there is rain. He would use street lamps so that they would reflect agents the water making the water on the ground glisten. Also providing a vibrant feel to the picture because there would be light everywhere. In the rain pictures there would sometimes be people, hugging, kissing, leaning on each other, or it would be maybe just a person all alone in the rain. His paintings would make you want to jump into them and be in that dream he is creating. I would love to be in one and see how all the vibrant colors are all around me. Some times people just don’t get the beauty of the rain and how many reflections there are makes it seem like others are just missing out on that beauty. Leonid creates the rain as a peaceful and loving object to his paintings. It’s also romantic and dreaming at the same time like you could be there and just stare at everything in that time forever and ever. A picture reflects the artist who created it. So Leonid’s paintings show me that he is a loving and romantic person who loves life and he loves how bright, beautiful and wonderful life is. That’s what I think he is like.

If you want to know more about Leonid then click here to get to his website –

These are some of my favorite pieces of his work:

Scratch Color Self Portrait

I did this drawing a couple of days ago for Cooper Union because they have this saterday art class for high schoolers, plus it’s FREE!!!! So that is ofcours totally awesome. So this drawing is a self portrait. But if u don’t know this by now the only parts that should look like myself are the facial features. Everything ells is just totally abstrac because I thought it would make the drawing more inderesting and emotional. If u have any questions please comment.

scrach color self portrait by
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Colored pole

Ok so you would not believe what I saw like a few days ago. So here’s how it starts I was going over to Cooper Union to get some papers for this art thingy I’m doing and then all of a sudden I see this orange-plastic twist tie on a pole. When I stepped back there more diffent colored plastic twist ties. When together on the pole it looked like a neon colored rainbow. Then I looked all around me and see even more poles that had the plastic twist ties tied around them and each pole was a different rainbow. I just thought that this was a very amazing idea some one had. I think that the person who created this idea goes to Cooper Union but I don’t know who the artist is sorry. If u want to go check it out just take the 6 train and get off at Astor Place.