Sandy Made Her Foot Print

I know that we all heard if on the news, Sandy has destroyed almost the whole east coast. Weather to me is not just destruction, but the art of mother nature  she is the women that decides how things turn out. This storm to me was a test. A test to see how the east coast would react to all this destruction. There have been floods, houses torn apart, trees fallen down, thousands of people without food water, heat, and/or shelter.The entering that I Know firs her is that New York was definitely up to the challenge. I see people volunteering everywhere most places I know that many programs helping with the aftermath of sandy, don’t need anymore volunteers because they have to many and I am very proved to be in a community that cares so much, I know for a fact that two shelters in Brooklyn don’t need any more donations just food and water thoughts. This for me has been a horrible week. But not to horrible mostly horrible for the city this week instead of staying at my house all day I went out and helped at local shelters and organizations that need my help. It wasn’t that hard I just had to get out of my bed and go to the organization. Even though my government is doing this, it’s going to take all of New York to get it back on its feet. So get up, get active and find some place to help. Its not that hard to find a place that needs your help, just look on the internet.

These are some pictures of what my neighborhood looks like.