Charcoal Self portrait

This last two weeks in my art class at school we have been working on self portraits. I think mine looks just like myself except for the eyes. There to fare apart and just a little bit to big. Though it’s hard to make a good self portrait takes alot of time and energy. Plus looking in the mirror for hours and hours until you know every centimeter of your face. Though I always tell myself when I try something new or do something again and I’m not doing it right. “It takes 1000 hours to master something”.

The proscess of this piece is like any normal charcoal drawing I would do. First I would start off by using pencal and creating the proportion, making sher its just right. Then I would take vine charcoal and identifying where the shading it and use my fingers to make the charcoal look nice and soft like the way skin is. And I could keep doing this prosecce with darker and darker charcoals. Creating diffrent kinds of grays in between the black and the white. Then I would use this burnt amber conte crayons highlighting the the light I saw in between the whites and the light grays.



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School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Last week I went to Chicago with my family, just so that could check out some collages I might want to go to, one of those colleges is School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This college I think is incredible and I would love to go there for college when I get out of high school, first. This college is also practically part of the Art Institute of Chicago museum. So the students there get free access to the museum and most of the educational classes are held there.

For me, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, has a very good fine arts program that I really enjoyed looking at, they have painting, drawing, ceramics, metal creativity, glass blowing, and a wood working room in very art building. They also have a very good fashion program, because of all the sponsors they get. Plus that fashion building that I saw was one of the most advanced fashion settings I personally have seen. That is definitely saying something considering that was my 4th collage tour. There art more things that you could major in because the fine arts, and fashion programs are the only ones I got to see.

The great thing that I love about this college is that you could go in knowing nothing or you could go in knowing everything, because there will always be a certain class you could be in. Plus you don’t have to stay in the class your majoring in. You could take other classes and really explore your creativity as an artist and learn new skills.

Chicago is an amazing city to be in not to big like New York and not to little like Baltimore, but just right for someone living in New York that wants to leave New York but not wanting to leave the city.

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