Is Bad Art Good Art?

Have you ever thought that theses days in the modern world nothing is interesting, unless it is totally out of the blue? For example when was the last time someone was known for painting a person that is smiling or creating a utopia? Is it just me, but don’t you think that you would look longer at a painting of hell then of heaven? For me that is absolutely without a doubt true. (Right now I’m just going to be speaking about paintings of heaven and hell, so please do not get offended by my language. I do not want to offend anyone who is religious.) For me heaven is boring there is nothing crazy about wanting to be in heaven. I’m just saying who wants to live in a world where everything is perfect nothing ever changes and when nothing changes you don’t see whats good any more. We all know what a heaven would look like, but how long will you stare at a painting of it? I personally would rather look at a picture of hell. I want to see crazy and creepy things happening in a painting. If I see that then my eyes are glued to it. Just seeing all the blood and bad things happening, people eating other people, people being  hung over a fire, people being chased by mythical creators. It’s just so bizarre, it’s interesting. NO?