The Mind to Paint

Speaking from an artists perspective, it can be hard focusing on painting for 3 hours or more. For me, to paint I have to be in the right mind set. That means I can’t be a sleepless zombi or a six year old on a sugar rush. Some people don’t know this, but art takes a lot of intense brain power. For example, in one stroke you have to think about the brush your using, the color, the thickness of the paint, the pressure you put on the painting, what color your placing this stroke next to, and the texture of the stroke.

Many times during the morning many students walk into the class half a sleep. One of the reasons is that they were up late making bad decisions and getting less then four hours of sleep. The second reason is that they have not had breakfast. You need to have energy to do art.

I remember a few weeks ago during lunch time, my school was having a pie day. I had three slices of pie, cherry, blue berry, and pecan. Plus two cups of coffee. I was caught red handed by my teacher for my bad lunch. My brain was running a million miles an hour and it wouldn’t stop. The painting that I had worked on for two weeks was ruined by the end of the class and I was curled up on the side having a horrible migraine.

If you don’t have enough energy you can’t paint. If you have to much energy its hard to focus. For me to make art my mind needs enough energy to focus but slow enough that it can be patient.

The Rules For My Mind To Be In The Fine Art Zone:

1) Eat breakfast at home. This allows enough time for my food to turn into energy. Just in time for my morning class.
2) Eat healthy. Junk food doesn’t give the body enough energy it needs to last through the day. I make sure to pack my day with lots of proteins, fruits, veggies, and whole grains. But I always make sure to give myself a little treat, like a cookie or bag of chips.
3) Don’t over eat. Food is very good for you and you should NEVER starve yourself. But over eating can make you feel tired and hut you stomach.
4) Sleep 6-8 hours a night (during the week). You need sleep! I try my best to get 8 hours, but I’m a college student and that barley ever happens. My average is 7 hours a night. Over sleeping can make you feel drowsy for the rest of the day. That means on the weekends I don’t ever go past 9 hours.
5) Get into a good routine. Having a routine is helpful. It’s good for time management and it helps tell your mind when to wake up, when to eat, and when to go to sleep. Remember routines take time to figure out, but when you find a good one make sure to stick to it!
6) Do something fun. I am addicted to doing art all day, but some time during the week I know that I have to do something non art related. This could mean hanging out with my friends, exploring the city, running, or going on long bike trips. But its nice to have those moments where my life doesn’t feel totally consumed by art. (Even though it totally is).