Chelsea Art Galleries

One thing that I love about New York is all the galleries there are. When I have a free day what I love to do is to go over to the Chelsea Art Galleries and see all the new art. At Chelsea all the art work is extremely modern and created by mostly young artist that are creating tomorrow. Its exquisive just being there and going in and out of all the galleries. I love how all the art would is so different and creative in there own way. Plus there FREE so you could go in and out as many as you please. The thing that I would recomend most for the people that go are to make shore you have a lot of time to spare because once you go in one gallery, you would want to go in them all, and trust me there are A LOT! The reason that I love going to these galleries is because all the would you see is creating the new tomorrow and as an artist I always have to be on top of that. You need to live modern, because as much as I worship the renaissance period, but today a good piece of art work is the creativity, passion, detail and hard work that makes a piece of art work good. So check out the Chelsea Art Galleries, and try telling me you didn’t go “wow” when you walk right in to one of the galleries.

If you want some more information on the Chelsea Art Galleries click here-

These art just a few of the many artworks in Chelsea and I mean 1 out of 1000. Go look for yourself.

Map of the Chelsea Art Galleries


Tom Otterness

I love living in New York there is always somethings so new to see because the when you live in a city like New York it constantly changes. Especially the art, weather its in a museum or for the public its always something interesting to look at. The place that I constantly love to see art is on the subway tracks. To day when I was going to the David Zwikner museum in Chelsea. I saw these insanely cute sculptures at eh 8th/14st at the A, C, and E stop.

These sculptures where created by the one, the only, Tom Otterness!!! (and the crowd goes wild! At least in my head it does). Tom is supper supper good at creating these figure-ens that are both really cute and funny all at the same time. I give Tom two thums up for his creative and humorous sculpture. I feel like that his creativity comes from old cartoon charatures and he’s just bringing them to life and in the city. I dont know why but his pieces remind me of the smurfs and how then come to New York. Because their both cute, funny and small.

If you want to know more about Tom Otterness then click here –, This website can also give you some information on more of his projects, where he’s showing, also where more of his public art is displayed. Hes world wide baby!

Gran Elefandret

This amazing sculpture is named “Gran Elefandret” and is created by Miquel Barcelo. A few days ago I was just walking around in union square and I come across this bronze elephant doing a standing on his trunk. I thought that is is just so incredible and abstract and totally realistic. Plus it must have been very hard to sculpt with it weighing so much and standing on a partially thin trunk and holding a very massive body.  The elephant was so realistic and I love the way the artist put the elephants wrinkled skin, drooping down because its up side down. “Pure genius” I say

Colored pole

Ok so you would not believe what I saw like a few days ago. So here’s how it starts I was going over to Cooper Union to get some papers for this art thingy I’m doing and then all of a sudden I see this orange-plastic twist tie on a pole. When I stepped back there more diffent colored plastic twist ties. When together on the pole it looked like a neon colored rainbow. Then I looked all around me and see even more poles that had the plastic twist ties tied around them and each pole was a different rainbow. I just thought that this was a very amazing idea some one had. I think that the person who created this idea goes to Cooper Union but I don’t know who the artist is sorry. If u want to go check it out just take the 6 train and get off at Astor Place.