Brooklyn Heights Promenade

So today I really felt like painting because it was an absolute beautiful day outside, so my mom said to me “Well if you want to go paint really good land escape I think you should go to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.” and I was like ” What is that and where is it?”. She said that it was just at the edge of Brooklyn and it looks out over lower Manhattan”. Then I was like “Sweeeeeeet”. When I got there I was speechless, it was so beautiful especially with the sun looking over it. I set up my materials and began to paint. When you paint of draw something in New York everyone always loves to look over your shoulder and say “That is so amazing”. That is also one thing I love about doing my art work in public, you get a cowed of people. Even though it might seem distracting and you have to make shore that every line is perfect. You really start to take your time and really get in the good detail.

The first picture is what I was painting to day.

The other pictures are the steps I took to painting the land escape and I’m still not even close to being done

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Lower Manhattan by emily fujie mair is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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There its finished!!!!


School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Last week I went to Chicago with my family, just so that could check out some collages I might want to go to, one of those colleges is School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This college I think is incredible and I would love to go there for college when I get out of high school, first. This college is also practically part of the Art Institute of Chicago museum. So the students there get free access to the museum and most of the educational classes are held there.

For me, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, has a very good fine arts program that I really enjoyed looking at, they have painting, drawing, ceramics, metal creativity, glass blowing, and a wood working room in very art building. They also have a very good fashion program, because of all the sponsors they get. Plus that fashion building that I saw was one of the most advanced fashion settings I personally have seen. That is definitely saying something considering that was my 4th collage tour. There art more things that you could major in because the fine arts, and fashion programs are the only ones I got to see.

The great thing that I love about this college is that you could go in knowing nothing or you could go in knowing everything, because there will always be a certain class you could be in. Plus you don’t have to stay in the class your majoring in. You could take other classes and really explore your creativity as an artist and learn new skills.

Chicago is an amazing city to be in not to big like New York and not to little like Baltimore, but just right for someone living in New York that wants to leave New York but not wanting to leave the city.

If you want to know more about  School of the Art Institute of Chicago click here


I did this painting over the summer and when ever I ask some one what it is they always get it wrong. But it’s one of my most favorite paintings I did so far, because of the color and the strokes. I used acrylic paint and a palette knife, one of my most favorite things to paint with these days. So if I get at least ten comments from ten different people, on this article I will tell you guys what this painting is really of, and by the way please tell me what you think it looks like.

Jacque Louis David

Jaque Louis David is one of my most famous artist because I feel that he creates these beautiful stores. I herd of David by doing an art project for my school, so I had to go to the Met Museum ( my favorite museum in New York City).

Jacque Louis David was born in 1748 and died in 1825. David’s work was mostly known for how dramatic he created the scenes of his paintings, they would always touch people’s hearts with great expression and emotion.

David would always have his way in a painting where everything was meant for a reason. He would create what he wanted the examiner to see through the people he created. In his paintings there were always these big humongous scenes that were happening, like fighting, everyone looking at a person, only one person all alone. David would always show the importance of a character in the picture depending on the light shining on them, who everyone is looking at, or being away from most things in the painting.

David’s art work is very characteristic because he is bring a powerful moment and freezing it and then just painting it so everyone can see what he sees and asks for their opinions and for them to speak out. He would show feelings of what happens when you fall in love, someone committing suicide, dyeing, having an affair, taking something that’s not yours. He would show what a person feels or how they look when this happens to them. He is trying to make you learn to never do this kind of stuff in your life, but you just know that it might happen to you and it makes you feel scared.

Death of a Socrates (1787)

Mars disarmed by Venus and the three graces (1824)

Since these two paintings were done by the same person they are painted very much alike, but the story of the painting is very different. They are similar because they both have very good detail in the people in the back ground. You could very ovisly tell that David want the painting to look so real by putting the muscles of the people and also having the light shinning off of their skin, plus keeping drapery of the fabrics in the picture. (he must have loved to have fabric in his pictures because in most of the pictures he painted had drooping fabrics). Even though these paintings painted very similar the saying of the paintings are very different. The first picture shows the importance of committing suicide. How a person wants to die and leave everything of the earth that he known, his wife, his kids, food, the fresh sun light, the people that he touched, and it doesn’t even seem like he is thinking about how people are going to react to his death. Where as in the second picture it is mostly about love and feelings for one another. This moment is so special because Venus the god of love is cheating on her husband with the god of war Mars. Venus has her back facing us because she is usually shown naked but also using her hands to cover private parts, making the human body seem more special. The three naked woman in the back of the picture they are the three graces, Venus’s companions and usually appear when people fall in love. The little boy at the bottom I think that is Cupid the son of Venus. This picture shows love and happiness with one another. David was probably thinking about his life very carefully, thinking of what his final and last painting should be about before he dies. Thinking about how he wants the world to remember him.

sorry that the pictures arent that good, but please please COMMENT!!!!!!!!

BIG FOOT!!!!!!

So I actually finished my Big Foot picture, well truth be told I finished it like 4 or 5 mouths ago for my schools art show. Though sadly It didnt get in because It didn’t go with any one ells-es art work. But hey I tried, I failed, BUT I’m still going to keep trying. “when at first you dont succeed try try again”. Yeah!!!! But I’m not going to do another picture like that again unless you PEOPLE start COMMENTING and then I would personally do another Big Foot Picture in oils. This one is made out of gouache paints and is painted on a poster board I had laying around.

Leonid Afremov

Ok so today I’m going to tell you about this absolutly amazing artist Leonid Afremov, I fist discoved his art work over the summer for this art/writing thingy, and I completely fell head over heels in love with his art work. So here is my paper that I wrote about his art work:

Throughout history may artists have used tool but no one has used the pallet knife like Leonid Afremov. When you see one of his paintings once you can definitely tell what other paintings he has done because on his own unique style. In his paintings Leonid has so many vibrant colors most people would say that he has a sunset color pallet, because there is yellows and oranges. Then off in the distance there would be darker colors like purples and navy blues. When putting all of these colors together you would get a sunset feeling, where there would be blotches and blotches of sunsets. Leonid mostly does work that has rain in it, rain before, rain after and rain during, and it’s just amazing how he does it. Plus it’s just amazing how when you really look at one of his paintings you could tell when the rain is hitting the ground. It’s like and invisible glisten of rain on the ground because he really doesn’t use blue on the ground to indicate there is rain. He would use street lamps so that they would reflect agents the water making the water on the ground glisten. Also providing a vibrant feel to the picture because there would be light everywhere. In the rain pictures there would sometimes be people, hugging, kissing, leaning on each other, or it would be maybe just a person all alone in the rain. His paintings would make you want to jump into them and be in that dream he is creating. I would love to be in one and see how all the vibrant colors are all around me. Some times people just don’t get the beauty of the rain and how many reflections there are makes it seem like others are just missing out on that beauty. Leonid creates the rain as a peaceful and loving object to his paintings. It’s also romantic and dreaming at the same time like you could be there and just stare at everything in that time forever and ever. A picture reflects the artist who created it. So Leonid’s paintings show me that he is a loving and romantic person who loves life and he loves how bright, beautiful and wonderful life is. That’s what I think he is like.

If you want to know more about Leonid then click here to get to his website –

These are some of my favorite pieces of his work: