Spray a Painting

Now some of you have probably known this already but to me it is totally new.A few days ago when I was in San Francisco I saw and incredible thing. So heres how my stoy goes. I was walking along Market street in San Francisco, when I see this big huge crowd of people. I walked over woundering what they were looking at. That was when my eyes popped right out of there sockets. There was this man spray painting this amazing picture. He used all these textures and colors. He made a master piece with in minutes before my very eyes. The spray paintings were so amazng I just had to get one and its on my dorm room wall in San Fancisco as I speek.

click here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXRNEyrkosM&feature=related

This is my picture nothing like the the video. and I’m sorry for the glare.



Splatter It

Last weekend was my art exhibition for my NYU class. I was in the class about time, and how it can be expressed through art. So I had so do a final piece that did just that. I thought about all kinds of things, but my heart settled on making a sculpture out of paper and then having people use spray bottles (not the real spray bottles most people us for graffiti, but the kind for plants.), and spray it with all different colors. So that over time you could see how the painting changes.

My piece is called Floccinaucinihilipilification and yes it is a real word. It means – The action of habit of judging something to be worthless.

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