Vintage Trains NY

You would not believe what just happend to me yesterday. So I was going home to Brooklyn by the F train. I got on the plat form waiting for the F train and the next thing I knew a very old train was pulling up to the plat form. I was like what the heck is going on. It turns out that this year the MTA in New York is having some fun by using vintage trains this year. It was so cool being on a vintage train, like going back in time. The seats were very low and they had this weave pattern on them. The the poles were white and long and felt like plastic. They even had old adds on the train over your head. On the out side it was amazing. I couldn’t believe that I actually road a vintage train. The train on the out side was a dark green color with little circle bumps where the hinges are.

If you want to catch a vintage train this year you better hurry because the next and last time they are running them is this Saterday on the F and M tracks in Manhatten. For more information click here –

If you want to see more real vintage trains you can try visiting the Transit Museum. click here for information-

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below are pictures of the vintage train I went on