Why Nude?

When I was little walking through the Metropolitan holding hands with my partner and going into the Greek and Roman wing. That’s when I saw it, him, her , them. My very first statues of nude people. Back then I was freaked out and horrified that they were nude. I wanted to shield my eyes at each and every one of them. When the teacher told me to draw something I was like “Ok the face it is”.

That was then. Now I love nude people, they are one of the most interesting things for me to draw. I love the skin and how it goes over the bones and muscuels. Though I always found it interesting why there are so many pictures of nude women that there are far less the nude men. Why is this? Is it because women have beautiful curves that make a picture flow and interesting? Or is it because the most artist are men and would rather look at a nude women for hours, then a man?

Sometimes in women I find that being nude can bring out the true person. It like taking off all your cloths in front of some one is like taking one brick off from the wall you have been hiding from. The more you do it, the more comfterble you would feel in your own skin. (Now this is just a theare of mine, please don’t go taking off all your cloths in public)

What Makes a Piece of Art GOOD?!?!?!?

Everyone wants to know it. Everyone whats to me it. What makes you good and special at what you love to do. Some people think that your only good if no one ells can do what you do. That could be true for the most part but to me it really isn’t true. What makes you good at something like art, writing, music, etc. is how your views view it. I know it might seem weird at first, but what I’m trying to make you understand is that what really draws people in. Is how relatable it is to them. You want your work to be BAM, WOW and you want people to OOOOW and AAHHH over what you do. Don’t worry I get it. Though to make it really stick in there minds you want to touch them and to do that you have to make your work relatable. Making something relatable to someone ells would open them up. It’s something we go through everyday, thinking if someone really understands us. Then when you find someone that does. It just blows your mind away.

For example “the Mona Lisa” . One of the reasons its so famous is because of her eyes. They can see in to your solo and it seems like she understands you. She is having a silent conversation with you. She is relating to you.

So be relatable to others and they will understand.

NYU Saturday Art Class

So I have finished my Saturday art classes at NYU and here  are the results. I know that they all seem the same but hey that’s my style and I am very prod of it.

I would deffinitly recommend NYU art classes to any young artist who really don’t have the money and materials for art classes, because at NYU these classes were free. The student are chosen by how you answer some basic art classes so that’s really good.  Plus these classes were so much fun that I really didn’t mind waking up early (for a teenager that is) on a Saturday morning.  The teachers, now what should I say about the teachers, they are the most fun art teachers I have ever had. They are constantly talking and are so easie to talk to plus they really want to push your art skills. I have learned so much just by going these classes that I want to share them with you

And even if you aren’t a fine artist, you don’t need money to buy classes because in NYC or probably in any place, there are free classes that you could take and learn new skill. All you have to do is find them.

This is the link for free classes at NYU –http://www.nyu.edu/summer/2012/highschool/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=summerprecollege

Here are the paintings I did at NYU

If you have any questions please COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!

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This is my Final Piece

Vote For Me!!!!!!!

Hey you guys! Well I don’t normal to this but I’m in this art competition for the DOE (department of education) to creat the cover design of the Directory of NYC Public High Schools. And it would be a huge deal to me if you go to this website and vote for me! You can vote as many times as you want, and tell your friends, tell everyone, and tell them to tell everyone as well. PLEASE!!!

THIS IS THE WEBSITE –http://vosurveys.nycenet.edu/se.ashx?s=705E3ED0113FCF45

Mine it the one with the people hugging the book!!!


Well first of all I just want to thank all of you that have voted and I really appreciated it. Though  sadly I was not the winner or even in the top 5. I don’t know what my placing was but I always have next year. Most of the kids in the contest didn’t have that but I do and  I just am glad that I have another chance. Thank you all so much for voting for me and please VOTE NEXT YEAR!!!!!!

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Ross Bleckner

Well the first thing that I would like to say is that I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a long time, its just that my internet was a complete whack job until my mom finally got in fixed.

Well you guys would not even believe the famous artist I have met this time. Well truth be told you probably haven hear of him yet because he is still living and he is quite young to be selling art work that is worth thousand and thousands of dollars. His name is Ross Bleckner and he is the Guggenheim Museum in NY. If you don’ t know by now, but that is a very very big deal because most art work that is hanging in a Museum. Those artist are either very old or are dead.

The way that I met him was my connections through my NYU pre collage art classes that I’m taking. ( Just saying my is you want o see my art work from NYU in person you could by this Sunday going to this address-34 Stuyvesant St Manhattan, NY 10003 at 12 to 3 pm)  My art class went to go see Ross at his studio. His own private studio in Chelsea, with and amazing veiw of the lower side of Manhatten. This dude is living in my dream studio!!! He stole my studio that I wanted! How dare he?!?!

Ross was really awesome, like just to see in person a real artist who makes a living doing what they love. When I first saw him I was so amazed that I was about to bow down and say “I am not worthy, I am not worthy.” but I think that would have freaked him out even more then having to answer all my questions that I had. He really didn’t answer them by the way, because he was too shock at what to say.

The thing that stood out the most about what Ross said compaired to most artist is that he kept talking about how art is “Blind Faith”. That saying really stuck to me and made me think about how going into a art career is really blind. Going into anything is blind because you would never know what the out come would be.

If you want to know more about Ross Bleckner go to his web site-http://www.rbleckner.com/

Me and Ross EEEEPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

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Old Brushes Back to New

A while ago my portfolio instructor gave me some art supplies  like brushes, a new drawing material, and this really asome brush cleaner. Now this just an’t any ordinary brush cleaner. Its not like like distilled turpentine, that smells really bad and is kind of bad for your health. No! This brush cleaner is really really good and I’m not just telling you this because the company paid me to. I’m telling you because it is super good and will save you a so much on brushes. All you have to do is open it up twirl your brush in it, so that all the lemeny smelling mixture is on your brush. Then you just rinse off your brush with water and BAM good as new. Your bush is now so new that you could rub it on your check and you think that you just bought it from the store. I would recomend this to EVERY artist because it seriously is that good. This product works with wet oil paint, dry oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, and stains. Just think about the amount of money you will save just using this. Trust me!!!

INFO. on the product

  • It’s and original B.J
  • #101
  • and it costs about 6 or 7 dollars

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Chelsea Art Galleries

One thing that I love about New York is all the galleries there are. When I have a free day what I love to do is to go over to the Chelsea Art Galleries and see all the new art. At Chelsea all the art work is extremely modern and created by mostly young artist that are creating tomorrow. Its exquisive just being there and going in and out of all the galleries. I love how all the art would is so different and creative in there own way. Plus there FREE so you could go in and out as many as you please. The thing that I would recomend most for the people that go are to make shore you have a lot of time to spare because once you go in one gallery, you would want to go in them all, and trust me there are A LOT! The reason that I love going to these galleries is because all the would you see is creating the new tomorrow and as an artist I always have to be on top of that. You need to live modern, because as much as I worship the renaissance period, but today a good piece of art work is the creativity, passion, detail and hard work that makes a piece of art work good. So check out the Chelsea Art Galleries, and try telling me you didn’t go “wow” when you walk right in to one of the galleries.

If you want some more information on the Chelsea Art Galleries click here- http://westchelseaarts.com/index.php?target=home

These art just a few of the many artworks in Chelsea and I mean 1 out of 1000. Go look for yourself.

Map of the Chelsea Art Galleries